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May 22, 2013
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Slender man x reader
Part 3

we laid together panting for air.
-” I love you, ____, I really do.” Slendy whispered in my ear, he swept the blanket over us and I cuddled closer to him.
-” I love you too, Slendy.”
Then I heard a faint rumbling noise from Slendy's belly.
-” what was that?”
I put my had on his belly, I could feel the vibrations from the next rumbling.
-” I guess I didn't eat enough.” Slendy said, a faint pink spread over his cheeks.
-” why not? You do realise the consensuses of not eating properly, right?” I scolded him.
-” I know, I know! I just couldn't really eat so much last time.”
-” why?”
-” well, I eat humans..”
-” I know that!”
-” … they remind me to much about you.”
this made me squeak from happiness and threw my arms around Slendy as good as I could. It was kind of hard and awkward since we were in bed, but Slendy laughed and hugged me back.
-” you are the sweetest ever!” I sqeaked.
-” no, you are! I guess it is okay for me to eat properly now since I have your aproval.”
-” go right ahead.”
Slendy got up and dressed himself.
-” you can sleep if you want, i'll be back soon.” Slendy said.
-” don't mind if I do! Be safe!” I buried myself under the covers and enjoyed the warmth.
-” take care, love.” Slendy said and kissed my forehead. Suddenly there was a bright light and a moving sensation. I tried to scream but all I got out was a weak squeak before the air got far to heavy to breathe. We landed on a hard floor in a very naked room, there were others there and thankfully I was still covered by the blanket.
I gasped for air but it was to thick and painful to breathe, I couldn't move since my body felt like it weighed at least a ton.
-” ____!” Slendy had some issues to adjust to the unfamiliar environment too. “ we are in my world, do not fear, you are as safe as ever!”
I wanted to believe him but I was too busy having a full scaled panic attack due to the fact that I couldn't move nor breathe.
-” calm down, ____!” Slendy tried to comfort me but he also had a hard time moving.
-” okay, they have suffered enough! Go, go, go!” an unfamiliar voice said. Several persons entered the room, they looked like Slendy but they had faces. Eyes, nose, mouth and even hair. They came to our aid by putting on a bracelet on out respective wrists. As soon as the bracelet was on I felt an immediate relief.
-” the bracelets will shield you from the gravity and air, human.” one of them said.
-” Slendy!” I whimpered, he was by my side in an instant and I was stunned to say the least! He also had a face! Black hair and red eyes, but still the same white skin. Carefully Slendy took my hand.
-” ___, are you okay?”
-” I really didn't think you could become more handsome, but somehow you did!” I said in a weak voice.
Slendy laughed.
-” it's good to see that you are okay.”
-” well, I am under cover, right?”
this made every one laugh, Slendy wrapped me in the blanket since he had pants and I was still naked since our nightly escapades. He picked me up in his arms and stood up.
-” its good to see that you can still make a joke now and then.”
-” yea, I guess so.” I said, I was tired the scare with the gravity and the new air had left me tired.
-” come with us and we will see to that you get a bed and some food, the meeting is tomorrow.” one of the girls said.
-” show the way.” Slendy said.
We were lead through a number of corridors and hallways until we came to a big black door. They lead us in, the room was quite similar to Slendy's bedroom just larger and with a table with food on.
-” thank you.” Slendy said as they left. “ ___? are you hungry?”
-” a little.”
he sat me down by the table and we started eating, the food was most fruits and vegetables. I couldn't eat more than a few grape-like berries before I was full, dam this food was also heavy! Slendy ate like he had not seen food for at least a month, it was rather entertaining to watch.
-” see something you like?” Slendy said between his bites.
-” every time I look at you I do, but you are funny to watch when you eat.”
Slendy just laughed and finished his meal, then we went to bed together and we snuggled close before we fell asleep.

~ next day ~

we woke up and tended to all our morning routines before we went to this mysterious meeting. It turned out to be just a meeting with Slendy's parents.
-” Slendy!” the woman exclaimed when  we came through the door, she and the man hugged Slendy and congratulated him on finally finding me and told him how much they had missed him. Then they turned to me.
-” and this must be your lovely mate!” the woman said.
-” yes, I am ____”  I said nevously.
-” well, it's nice to meet you dear, i'm Slendy's father Dirk.” the man said.
-” and i'm his mother Rose.” the woman said.
-” nice to meet you, I see why Slendy wanted to come back here so bad.” I said.
-” really? He talked about us?” Dirk said with surprise.
-” not so much, he missed you way to much to talk about it.” I said.
-” aww, Slendy, we missed you too!” Rose said and hugged her son.
The rest of the conversation went on and on, I really came to like Slendys parents and it was nice to see Slendy so happy. It was a good day.

~ a few days later ~

-” ____, sit down! You can't walk further without hurting yourself.” Slendy said worried, my breath was strained and my body was heavy. Almost like the first time we came here.
-” i'm fine!” I said as I sat down on a bench, my condition was getting worse and worse. The bracelet was not working as It should, the air and the gravity got heavier and heavier every day. I closed my eyes for a brief moment to have a mini-rest, when I opened them again Slendy was gone!
-” Slendy?” I called, was he playing a prank? “ Slendy? Where are you?”
Still no answer, panic started to rise inside me.
-” SLENDY!!!!!!!”
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TheLittleGingerGirl Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i see the homestuck!!!! you like homestuck!!!!!! and you ship dirk <3 rose !!!!!
bluedragon1208 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014
I literally thought of Homestuck when I read this a second time. But I had read this before I found out about Homestuck. It's awesome either way!! ^-^
CweepyCwaft101 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Elise: Bitches are gonna pay for stealing my Slendy
slendy:I'm right here
Elise:SHIT YOU SAW NOTHIN!!!*runs away like a bitch*
Me:*trips her so Slendy catches her*Use protection.*leaves like a boss*
Slendy:......*drags Elise to his bedroom*
CrystalCritic Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Dirk........dirk......dick-GODAMNIT BRAIN!
Cut13K1tt3n Featured By Owner 2 days ago
lol xD
Dirk from homestuck?!?!? He's slender's dad?!?!?!?!?! WHAT?!?¡!?!?!?!
Nalynia Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Student General Artist
It Was an accident i swear
I know I'm just teasing ya ;-)
Nalynia Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Student General Artist
i know :)
gatchaelvara Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014
The parents name remind me of homestuck 😺
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